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New Products for December

Peavey PVXp 12 (PVXp 12)
Peavey PVXp 12

List: C$705.37

Price: C$512.99

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Peavey PVXp 15 (PVXp 15)
Peavey PVXp 15

List: C$833.62

Price: C$577.12

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Peavey 15M (15M)
Peavey 15M

List: C$461.69

Price: C$320.62

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Peavey PV112 (PV112)
Peavey PV112

List: C$346.21

Price: C$256.49

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Yamaha BR 12 (BR 12)
Yamaha BR 12

List: C$512.99

Price: C$384.74

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Peavey EQ31FX (EQ31FX)
Peavey EQ31FX

List: C$474.52

Price: C$359.09

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Peavey CEL-2a (2A)
Peavey CEL-2a

List: C$641.24

Price: C$487.34

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BBE 382i Stereo Sound Maximizer (382i)
BBE 382i Stereo Sound Maximizer

List: C$182.12

Price: C$128.24

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Peavey PV23XO (PV23XO)
Peavey PV23XO

List: C$256.49

Price: C$153.89

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