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The Yamaha YAS-480 Intermediate Eb Alto Saxophone is a work of art. Built on a legacy of crafting instruments for artists, Yamaha has optimized the YAS-480 for smooth playability, superior tone, and expressiveness. Players and instructors will love its rich sound, precise intonation, and durable yet lightweight construction. With many of the features found on Yamaha's professional models, the YAS-480 inspires saxophonists to develop their own unique voices. The YAS-480 features post-to-body construction and a yellow brass body. This saxophone resonates immediately, allowing saxophonists to focus on technique and tone development. The redesigned octave key system and neck receiver provide players the option to choose between the included 62-style neck or other customer necks designed by Yamaha. Yamaha's 62-style neck features a slightly narrower bore taper for enhanced tone, response, and pitch control. The majority of players will find this neck facilitates unrestricted airflow, which is essential for producing a rich, centered tone. For those seeking to expand their sound, the YAS-480's neck receiver and octave key allow the addition of a Custom Z or Custom EX neck. The YAS-480's redesigned left-hand seesaw key, improved low B-C# connection, and adjustable thumb hook provide ergonomic playability for all hand sizes. These features, combined with the 62-style neck, give saxophonists superb control and response.

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